Full text: Die Familie im Schulbuch

L 97: The Norwegian National Curriculum 
In different ways the Norwegian National Curriculum of 1997 explains how the nuclear 
family is combined with the two-Sex model, the two-gender model and the heterosexua- 
lity. In the curriculum Subject for natural Science and environmental Studies' focus on 
body and health the nuclear family is involved.? The Students Should be introduced to 
questions connected to human reproduction, to the Sexual identity of gender. In 5% grade, 
the Students must „work with questions connected to puberty, and the role of the puberty 
for human reproduction and Sexual identity of gender, among others heteroSexual/ ho- 
mogexual" (Lereplanverket for den 10-ärige grunnskolen 1996, S. 211).* According to 
the curriculum Subject for natural Science and environmental Studies" the Students are not 
to work with these questions again before 10* grade. In 10* grade the Students have to 
be familiar with the reproduction, fertilization, menstruation period, contraception, Sexu- 
al transferred illnesses and abortion. In addition the Students Should discuss love, care, 
Sexuality „among others heterosexuality, homosexuality, minimum age of Sexual debuts, 
and Sexual harassment" (op.cit., S. 217). 
The nuclear family is not named as Such in the Subject curriculum for natural Science 
and environmental Studies neither for 5* nor 10* grade. Between the lines, however, the 
reproduction, fertilization, contraception and abortion point toward the heterosexual 
couple. The nuclear family Stands as the implicit Structure, and by not explicitly mentio- 
ning it, it has become the dominating norm. As the focus is on body and health, the imp- 
licit nuclear family is closely connected to the biological Sex and the two-Sex model. 
Furthermore there is a Specific focus on the woman as Sex by mentioning her menstrua- 
tion period, and different forms of physical abortions (Spontaneous and induced). When 
it comes to knowledge about contraception and Sexual transferred illnesses, love and 
care, the language constructs a gender neutrality. The gender neutrality is also in the 
foreground when it comes to 98 grade. Although the curriculum does not state that the 
Students in 9* grade Should work with the questions of human reproduction and Sexual 
identity of gender, they have to acquire knowledge about „how the Skeleton, joints and 
muscles function together" and „how the endocrine 8ystem controls the Single process in 
the body" (op.cit., 216). By the way the text about the Skeleton and the endocrine SysStem 
has been formulated, the Students are indirectly asked to acquire knowledge from a one- 
Sex model and gender neutrality. 
In 5* and 10* grades the dominating heterosexuality in the curriculum is complied 
with mentioning both hetero- and homosexuality. The visibility of homosexuality could 
be read as a Step towards deconstructing the dominating heterosexuality. The possibility 
of two forms of Sexuality is mentioned as „among others". In the 10* grade Some diffe- 
rent possibilities in working with Sexual identity are discussed: the physical Sexuality, 
3 For every grade in the curriculum Subject of natural Science and environmental Studies there are four 
Sections: The body and the health; The diversity in the nature; Substance, characteristics and use; The phy- 
Sical picture of the world. j t 
4 Translations from Norwegian into English here and in the following quotations from the curriculum and 
textbooks are mine. 


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