Full text: Die Familie im Schulbuch

historical introduction the man's gender is more posSitive than the woman's; he is 
constructed as part of the nourishment chain with three Steps while the woman only has 
two. On the contrary in the conclusion of the textbook, where the female gender is high- 
1y valued for its popularity and moral at the expense of the male gender who allows his 
guests to drink and Smoke hashish, and make love at home. Between the introduction 
and the conclusion more chapters confirm the nuclear family, the two-gender model and 
the heterosexuality as the norm of the textbook. However, the norms are also deconstruc- 
ted with a one-Sex model. 
The one-Sex model comes into focus in the presentations of the genderless skeleton. 
The illustrations of Skeletons probably belong to the male gender. They have big Shoul- 
ders and hip Sockets without curves. In the text the gender is not Spoken of, and in this 
way it becomes even more powerful. The one-Sex Skeleton is taken to mean the male 
body, and becomes a powerful Signal for manhood. Following this hierarchical focus on 
the male body at the expense of the female body, the textbook Shows the male as the 
human brain, as a human being with the nerve cells and the endocrine System. When the 
endocrine system is presented as a matter of thyroid hormone, growth hormone and 
Stress hormone there is only one unspoken gender. However, when it comes to the en- 
docrine System the two-Sex model also deconstructs the one-Sex model. In illustrations 
and words the reproductive hormones are made a matter of the female Sex „responsible 
for the start of puberty and development of the reproductive organs" (op.cit., S. 72).? In 
the foreground come the ovaries and the testicles, and the motherhood is Shown with an 
illustration of a breastfeeding baby. Both models are presented with complete natural- 
ness, and are equally emphasized in the textbook, but they could also be read as compe- 
ting models. 
The two-Sex model is the dominating norm in the Sense of constructing equal-worth 
out of traditional biological Sexes. However, the one-Sex model tries to dominate in 
constructing equality and Sameness. 
The textbook Zelix 10 with focus on body and health follows to a great extent the 
curriculum Subject. Extracts from the curriculum is presented, although in different or- 
der. The textbook Starts where the Section for body and health in the curriculum ends. In 
the textbook the Students are from the very first text lines told to discuss the concepts of 
love, care, Sexuality, Sexual gender identity „among others heterosexuality, homosexua- 
lity, minimum age of Sexual debuts, and Sexual harassment" (Insnet et al. 1999, S. 143). 
The text is illustrated with a photo Showing a newborn child in the hospital with its 
mother and father. The mother is connected to the reproductive mother with a crying 
baby on her Stomach, whereas the male is pictured as concentrated on taking care of the 
female. The heterosexual couple is 5hown as the female and the male wrapped up in each 
other. Neither one looks at the baby. The female has the weight of the baby on her sto- 
mach, however, whereas the male neither looks at nor touches the baby. Although the 
male is present in the Situation, the father Seems absent. 
In illustrations of nudity a girl and a woman, a boy and a man are presented. The na- 
ked females are followed up by illustrations of the vagina and a text telling that the geni- 
*? Notmy translation, but quoted from the English Summary in the textbook. 


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